Beyond Trade Shows: Three Alternative Live Encounter Events For Your Business

When beginning the process of designing trade show displays for corporate use, many business owners have one singular focus in mind throughout the process: working the marketing convention arena. Utilizing customized trade show displays for face-to-face industry functions has proven to be a front-running live marketing tactic for a myriad of reasons. Engaging with a specific customer demographic, networking, eying the competition and unrolling the very latest and greatest in your current product arsenal are just some of the many benefits that a successful marketing forum can offer your organization.Marketing Conventions: Just One Resource For Customized Trade Show DisplaysWhile there’s no denying the myriad of perks of using trade show displays at these types of business events, it’s important to remember that the showroom floor is not the only opportunity to use your company’s booths and exhibits. Despite the virtually endless prospects offered by a trade show, purchasing an innovative stand can prove a significant financial investment; it’s critical to utilize the exhibit as often as possible to optimize overall ROI.

Strategizing Your Business’ Live Encounter Marketing OpportunitiesFortunately, there is a range of live encounter opportunities, beyond the standard marketing convention, where the visually-engaging and compelling components of business trade show displays can be utilized. Understanding which ones make the most sense for your organization can help your team construct a comprehensive live encounter marketing plan that will yield maximum results. When considering which functions to include, consider:Job fairs/recruiting events: One of the best ways to achieve and sustain long term corporate health is to hire and retain the best available talent. When sourcing internal employees, it’s imperative to hit on all the major selling points that come with working at your organization. Using your customized booths and exhibits at a host of recruiting encounters is an ideal way to help get your business brand on the minds of potential candidates. With just a few simple modifications to your visual focus, your design partner will quickly be able to get your booth geared towards recruiting top candidates away from the competition.Live product demonstrations: Yes, you should always hold live product demos as often as possible at all marketing conventions your organization participates in. However, sometimes new merchandise and merchandise upgrades simply can’t wait until the next industry event. Solution? Host your own live demonstration encounter. Find a venue, set up your booth and get the word out to your existing and prospective customer base about where you’ll be to generate additional buzz about your business.

Community functions: Participating in local community events is a great way to not only help build your business brand, but also get involved in some of your district’s neighborhood causes. Throughout the year, find local functions that resonate with some of your corporate core values; these type of local encounters can prove a fun, fulfilling way to connect with your local consumers while offering free product samples to help get the word out on what your company has to offer.